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General well-being of people with BPD during the COVID-19 pandemic and their experiences of treatment accessibility and support including telehealth

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The COVID-19 outbreak has led to considerable changes to our economy, society and healthcare system. Apart from the general community stress related to COVID-19 itself, we've needed to adapt to a range of challenges during the outbreak. Isolating from friends, relatives and broader society as well as navigating the rapid shift of in-person mental healthcare services to telehealth, have imposed additional stressors on vulnerable people. The early consequences of these recent and dramatic changes at a population level are unknown.

This survey is a joint collaboration between the Australian BPD Foundation and Spectrum Personality Disorder Service. If you live in Australia and have a diagnosis of BPD (or identify with the symptoms of BPD), we invite you to share your experiences of mental health support and treatment you have received from public, private and community health services using telehealth since the restrictions came into effect.

Telehealth includes using video-conferencing, phone or both to receive mental health services.


This survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you choose to participate, please respond as completely and honestly as you are able. No identifying information about you will be collected in this survey. Please avoid using names or providing information that could be used to identify you. All survey responses will be un-identifiable and therefore privacy and confidentiality will be protected. Your completion of this survey infers your informed consent.

There is a list of support organisations included at the end of the survey.

This study has received approval from the Eastern Health Human Research and Ethics committee. If you have any questions of an ethical nature, please contact the Eastern Health Human Research and Ethics Committee (Chair)

Telephone: 03 9895 3398

Email: ethics@easternhealth.org.au

If you have any questions related to the purpose or carrying out of this study, please contact the principal researcher, A/Prof Jillian Broadbear, at 8413 8750 or spectrum.research@easternhealth.org.au