Health professionals

Clients with complex needs

Clients with complex needs are those with a diagnosis of personality disorder comprising multiple symptoms and co-occurring psychiatric and/or physical diagnoses. These clients have patterns of high risk for suicide and high lethality self-harm.

Clinically, they may present with a range of problems including impulsivity, substance misuse, eating disorders, problems with the law, and other high-risk activities in the community. Due to these complexities, they may experience severe functional impairment or frequent and extended hospital admissions. Their treatment needs are extensive and complex, and would not be provided through the other Spectrum interventions (e.g. Spectrum outpatient clinics, telephone support, or intensive group treatment). These clients often find it difficult to engage with treatment providers.

The complex care cervice

The Spectrum Complex Care Service (CCS) provides interventions that focus on planning and managing the care of people who have these particularly complex needs. It also offers support to families/carers, and clinical and non-clinical service providers.

Our clinicians work alongside case managers, hospital-based staff, family members, and the client to make sense of the issues of concern. This extended care group work together to determine the best way to make small improvements over time. Ideally, as this work progresses the client becomes ready for more structured treatment in the Spectrum BPD Clinic, or the intensive group day program, as appropriate.