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Spectrum provide psychoeducation sessions for individuals recently diagnosed with BPD and have accessed mental health services in Victoria, Australia. They provide individuals with the latest information on BPD, useful handouts and opportunities to ask questions.

What does the session include?

  • An overview of the signs and symptoms of BPD
  • An understanding of contributing factors of BPD
  • An understanding of the course and outcomes of BPD
  • Information about evidence-based psychological therapies for BPD
  • Common myths and misconceptions about BPD
  • Factors that may support your wellbeing
  • Discussions about self-care, common experiences of living with BPD and a lived experience recovery story

Who should attend?

  • Individuals newly diagnosed with BPD within the last 6 months
  • Adults aged 18-65 years who have accessed mental health services in Victoria
  • Individuals NOT currently in BPD specific therapy, not currently experiencing acute crises, and not currently in an in-patient stay
  • It is not a requirement that people are case managed by Area Mental Health Services

Cost: Free

Online: These sessions are delivered online and run throughout the year.

Upcoming sessions and registration

Flyer (PDF,920KB)

For more information: (03) 8413 8750 or