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For understanding and treating personality disorders



The aim of this group is to support clinicians in developing their capacity to work in an integrated way with clients who present with significant intra-personal and inter-personal disturbance. The participants will be encouraged to read literature on relational and neurobiological understandings of personality disorder (a reading list will be provided). 


This group is open to registered psychologists from public and/or private practice in Victoria. There is no requirement to commit regularly. In its format the group is open which means that you can register for a specific date(s). The maximum number per group is six participants.  The group is run on a monthly bases.

The primary focus is on the group working together to develop a shared understanding of a clinical issue and then reflecting together, rather than on an individual presenting a perfect case study per group.  All participants come to sessions with a possible client or dilemma in mind for presentation and reflection and the group decides together who will present.  

Prior to attending the group for the first time you will be asked to fill and sign the Registration and Group Agreement forms. 

Dates in 2020: 16th September, 21st October, 18th November, 16th December

Day and Time: On Wednesdays from 4.00pm to 6.00pm

Location: Spectrum, Level 1, 110 Church St Richmond, VIC, 3121

All enquires can be put to the group facilitator: Rada Semec, Senior Psychologist, Spectrum. Contact via e-mail: Radmila.Semec@easternhealth.org.au or mobile: 0402 970 935.