Privacy policy

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Spectrum is part of Eastern Health and is based in Victoria. All Australian health services are required to comply with legislation and regulations which protect the use and disclosure of personal information. Spectrum complies with Australian privacy legislation and standards safe-guarding your information. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in protecting the privacy of our service users.

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Collection of information and privacy protection

Spectrum  makes every effort to adhere to the Guidelines for Federal and ACT Government World Wide Websites developed by the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

Information provided through the Spectrum  website will comply with Information Privacy Principles, particularly principles 1 to 3, 10 and 11.

Stated simply these principles are:

Principle 1: Collection of information must be lawful and fair
Principle 2: Informing people why information is collected
Principle 3: Ensuring personal information collected is of good quality and not too intrusive
Principle 10: Limiting the use of personal information to the purpose for which it was obtained
Principle 11: Preventing the disclosure of personal information outside the agency.

Your email address

Spectrum will only record your email address in the event that you send us a message by email. Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it. Your email address will not be added to any mailing lists without your prior consent by way of a specific request in writing. We will not use or disclose your email address for any other purpose, without your prior written consent.

Queries, concerns and further information

If you have any queries, concerns or require further information relating to privacy and Spectrum , you are invited to contact us.