Resources and support

It is possible to live a happy and fulfilling life after a diagnosis of BPD. For many people, treatment is an incredibly important part of their recovery, but it need not be the only part. A satisfying and meaningful life will mean different things to different people. However, it usually involves things such as engaging in activities (hobbies, interests, work and/or study), supportive relationships, optimal physical health, housing and financial stability, and a sense of purpose and meaning.

While treatment may play a role in supporting these areas of life, people often find that simultaneously investing time and energy in other aspects of their lives decreases distress, builds hope and trust, and enhances their quality of life.

Some enjoyable activities that people have found useful include:

  • joining a peer support group
  • joining an interest group (e.g. a bushwalking club, photography, book group or sports club)
  • exploring spirituality, meditation or a religious tradition
  • getting active
  • getting a pet
  • financial counselling.

People with a personality disorder may not be aware of what a satisfying and meaningful life may mean to them. Taking the time to experience different activities can be incredibly healing, and can lead to a sense of meaning and purpose.